The Art of API Test Design: Principles for Seamless Integration

Let's delve into the art of API test design by exploring principles for seamless integration with real-life examples: Understand Business Requi…

Demystifying API Testing and UI Testing: A Comparative Analysis

API testing and UI testing are two distinct types of software testing that focus on different aspects of an application. Let's explore the key …

Unraveling the Key Variances: API vs. Web Service Demystified

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and web services are related concepts but have distinct characteristics. Let's explore the main diffe…

Understanding API: The Key Concepts and Terminology

What is an API? An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of protocols, tools, and definitions that allows different software ap…

Top 50 SQL Interview Question With Query Examples

Let’s prepare sample data for SQL practice. Sample Table – Worker WORKER_ID FIRST_NAME LAST…


SQL Interview Questions Table of Content Top 50 Interview Questions of SQL

The Psychology of Testing

H uman psychology has significant effects on software testing because Software development, including software testing, involves human bei…

Traceability between the Test Basis and Test Work Products

I n order to implement effective test monitoring and control, it is essential to establish and maintain Traceability throughout the test p…

Test Work Products

T est work products are created as part of the Test Process. For each Test Process Activities Group, there are corresponding Work Products…

Test Completion

T est completion is the last stage of the Software Testing Life Cycle. During this activity, we collect data from completed test activitie…
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