Postman Tutorials

Table of Contents

Chapter 1            How to install Postman?
Chapter 2            Collection in Postman
Chapter 3            How to send GET Requests in Postman?
Chapter 4            How to send POST Requests in Postman?
Chapter 5            How to send PUT Requests in Postman?
Chapter 6            How to send PATCH Requests in Postman?
Chapter 7            How to send DELETE Requests in Postman?
Chapter 8            How to create an Environment in Postman?
Chapter 9            How to create Tests in Postman
Chapter 10            What is API Chaining in Postman? How it works?
Chapter 11            How to validate response in Postman?
Chapter 12            How to generate Random Test Data in Postman?
Chapter 13            How to Export Postman Collections?
Chapter 14            How to import Collection into Postman?
Chapter 15            How to generate Newman HTML Report?
Chapter 16            Data-Driven Testing in Postman?
Chapter 17            How to run Postman requests from the command line?
Chapter 18            How to schedule Collection run in Postman?
Chapter 19            How to push Postman Collection scripts in GitHub?
Chapter 20            How to run Collections remotely in Postman?

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